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I want my own custom-made shoes! Now what?

Just place an order for the "Custom Shoes" item. We'll contact you about the design, make a digital design for you and then start customizing! 

How long do I have to wait for my shoes to arrive?

Depending on the shoe size and design this depends on each item. We don't always have every size in stock so sometimes it depends on the availability of the size. However, our goal is to send you the shoes within 4 weeks to whatever location you need them!

In which size can I order shoes? And are they available for both men, women, and kids?

When you order a pair of shoes you can let us know in which size you would like them. This can always be for both men and/or women. When you want to order a pair of shoes in child size like EU size 30, you can send us a message, and depending on the design, you get a discount voucher to compensate for the smaller shoe size and less paint we have to use.

What sort of shoes do you customize?

We can customize almost every shoe! We like Nike shoes, so we use them the most, but we do all sorts of brands. Please let us know if you have any requests.

Will the paint last forever or what about when it gets damaged?

We treat and paint our products with care and we finish them coating to be water-resistant and to protect them against scratches and scrapes. However, during the use of the products the paint can get a little damaged since the shoes stretch a little bit or hit something every now and then. We provide a repair service when the shoes really get damaged badly or you want to make the images a bit more sharper again. Please email us at for the options and cost indication for repainting the shoes and we're happy to help.

How can I pay for the shoes?

In our webshop, you can use multiple payment methods so just select the one you prefer.

What about a return policy?

Because each of our items is unique and handpainted we don't accept returns or refunds. However we always make a digital design of your shoes first so you know what you can expect, so this will never happen for sure! :) 

Why are your post address and registration both in the Netherlands?

Since our founder is Dutch our administration and registration remained maintained from the Netherlands. 

FAQ: Store Policies
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