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Maison Marone Paris Return Policy

1. Cancellation

1.1 Cancellation of the order is possible no later than 24 hours before the start of production, but no later than 24 hours after ordering the product (via the order form on the website). A deposit made outside this period is a non-refundable deposit. In the event of cancellation and dissolution of this agreement, the deposit below one third of the total price will not be refunded unless Maison Marone decides otherwise out of leniency. For the costs and efforts made for the purpose of the assignment, one third of the total price of the assignment will therefore be charged in the event of cancellation.

1.2  If there is a refund, this will reasonably be made within 14 working days.

1.3 In the case the good or product is returned properly returned according to the General Terms and conditions  and specifically the return policy the agreement is terminated by the delivery of the goods or products.

2. Valid return by delivery

2.1 Maison Marone wants to keep the quality of designs, photos, images, products and materials high and only the products that are of high quality are supplied. For this reason the returned goods or products need to be carefully packed in order to reasonably prevent any damage in the return proces and handling by the post service or delivery service.

2.2 Delivery of the designs, photos, images, products and materials takes place on the date agreed in advance. Delivery of retured goods or products can be made via delivery by the designated delivery services. Maison Marone uses, but not exclusively, the services of Post NL, DHL and UPS.

2.3 Maison Marone is dependent on producers of shoes, clothing and textiles for the delivery of the designs, products and materials.

2.4 If a (postal) delivery service is used for delivery of returned goods or products, including but not limited to PostNL, DHL and UPS, Maison Marone is neither responsible nor liable for lost products and postal items. Maison Marone is not liable for late delivery by a (postal) delivery service. In situations, including but not limited to Lockdowns, health and government measures, Maison Marone is not liable for late delivery of returned goods and products. For delivery information, consult the website and/or track and trace of the relevant (postal) delivery service for delivery and delivery times.

3. Goods and products that cannot be returned

3.1 Maison Marone supplies handmade/customized designs on its own products and materials or on products from third parties, such as shoes, clothing and textiles. For this reason not all the handmade/custom designed products can be returned.

3.2 Maison Marone will indicate as much as reasonably possible if certain goods and products can be returned, in case of doubt whether a good can be returned Maison Marone should be contacted on the return of the specific good or product. If the customer does not contact Maison Marone in advance, Maison Marone is not liable for unreturnable goods and products that the customer reasonably could have informed after.

4. Send All Returns/Exchanges to the address below

Maison Marone Paris

Kamilleveld 18

2492 KG Den Haag, The Netherlands

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